Discussion points and notes from the BPC meeting on May 20th, 2020 at 2pm EST.

  1. Update on general progress since last meeting
    The members were updated that Axiom Foundation signed a partnership agreement to work on a 6-month pre/post list strategy on 1-2 new quality exchanges and market making activities. They are working to narrow down which quality partner exchange and also on organic marketing and communications. They are also working on building the ecosystem and bringing in additional use cases for ndau.
  2. Finalizing assignment of BPC domain leaders
    Domain leaders for the following areas were chosen:
    a. Endowment
    b. Exchanges
    c. Governance and Ethics
    d. Security/Privacy/Trust/Dispute Resolution
  3. Walkthrough of BPC NDA with staking
    There was a broad discussion on this topic and it was agreed proposed amendments would be brought to the next meeting for approval.
  4. Walkthrough of Q & A responses
    Axiom Foundation member confirmed that the Q&A document would be circulated to the BPC prior to the next meeting and then published.
  5. Next steps for holding a referendum to revalidate BPC
  6. Next meeting date: 2pm EST June 10, 2020

    New processes established at meeting:
    – Two days before each scheduled BPC meeting members will submit agenda items and agenda will be sent to BPC members at least one day before each meeting.
    – Each domain leader will provide an update from their domain at least once every 6 months.