Discussion points and notes from the BPC meeting on June 10, 2020 at 2pm EST.

  1. Update on general progress since last meeting

The members were updated on progress pursuing strategic partnerships, sales and ongoing market making activities (narrowing the spread, increasing price stability). Additional work has been done on messaging and identifying a quality partner exchange.  A technical issue with CoinGecko reporting incorrect price has been resolved.  Work is underway to resolve a technical issue with node infrastructure that was causing wallet and blockchain explorer timeouts.

  1. Referendum status

A proposed referendum process for hearing the will of ndau holders was reviewed and agreed upon by all members. The details of this new referendum process will be published as a public document in the Meetings and Policies section the BPC website.

  1. BPC compensation

The members reviewed current BPC compensation and whether it was advisable to revise it in light of current circumstances.  Possible compensation models were discussed and a breakout BPC group will working on appropriate recommendations and seek feedback.

  1. BPC NDA and staking status

Proposed amendments to the BPC NDA and staking document were discussed and agreed upon. 

  1. Q&A response status

The members approved the Q&A document for public distribution.  The 13 Questions and Answers have been published in the FAQ section of the ndau Knowledge Base.

  1. Key Policy Documents status

The members discussed progress on several key documents.  Updated versions of each document will be reviewed and approved at the next BPC meeting.

  1. Publishing BPC meeting notes

A commitment was made to publish public notes from each BPC meeting within 5 business days of each meeting.

  1. BPC meeting frequency

The members agreed to meet every 3 weeks, next meeting scheduled for July 1st at 2pm Eastern.