Discussion points and notes from the BPC meeting on May 5th, 2020.

  1. An Axiom Foundation Council member gave the meeting the background on the formation of the Foundation and explained its legal status and role. It was also outlined that its endowment was being managed currently by one asset manager and is made up of a cross section of asset classes.
  2. It was decided to hold a referendum to put a resolution to all ndau holders to extend the current BPC members tenure until March 31st , 2021 and to enlist additional members if necessary during that period. It was also discussed how to make existing staking become a stronger tool of accountability, which will require further work to see realized.
  3. It was agreed that all BPC members would sign NDAs with the Axiom Foundation and stake ndau accordingly, so that the BPC could better represent ndau holders.
  4. The members were updated that Oneiro was about to close a new funding round and would focus on the following areas:
    a. list the NDAU token on a new reputable and high-ranking exchange
    b. provide liquidity provisioning through market making
    c. stimulate organic demand
    d. grow the active user base
    e. stress-test the underlying architecture by exposing the platform to increased volume and liquidity
    f. increase the number of active nodes and market participants
  5. The Axiom Council member agreed to review all appropriate questions put forward on the community channel and provide answers to the BPC once approved by the Council. It was also agreed that an email info@blockchainpolicycouncil.org be established so that ndau holders could ask questions directly of the BPC.
  6. It was agreed to divide up the tasks of the BPC among the members with one taking each of the following in conjunction with the Chairman:
    governance and ethics/security, privacy, and trust/monetary system /endowment/ndau currency/ndau exchange/software development
  7. The next meeting of the BPC is scheduled for Wednesday, May 20th at 2pm EST.