The first election of delegates for the Blockchain Policy Council began on April 10, 2019 and completed on April 23, 2019.  

Nine Delegates have been elected and will serve a term of 6 months.

Delegate ndau stakes are minimum stakes currently committed. Delegates may choose to increase their ndau stakes prior to the first BPC meeting.

These are the preliminary results subject to revision and certification by the BPC Election Master, Joel Telpner. The BPC Election Master is responsible for certifiying that the election has taken place with all appropriate ndau policies and requirements, and that all election results are valid.

For more details on the roles of the BPC delegates, please see the ndau whitepaper.

Initial Nominees

Peter Avila, Travis Ebel, Brian Elders, Aristarhos Fotos, Ken Lang, Michael Lewitt, Sean Moynihan, John Pasqualetto, Konstantinos Pavlou, John Robert Sarson

Initiators Election Winners

Percentage of available Initiators votes cast in election: 100%
(3 of 3 available)

Founders Election Winners

Percentage of available Founders votes cast in election: 78%
(1,755 of 2,254 available)

Holders Election Winners

Percentage of available Holders votes cast in election: 66%
(2,235,590 of 3,367,837 available)