1. Update on general progress since last meeting
    The members were updated on progress pursuing strategic partnerships, sales, marketing and market making. Technical integration with new exchange has been completed over the course of 3 weeks, along with the creation of new exchange listing documentation available in the ndau knowledgebase to make future integrations as efficient as possible. Conversations have begun with the next exchange (one of the top 10 crypto exchanges with the possibility of ndau also being a quote pair there as well). Once ndau’s Vinex listing is officially announced and launched, an aggressive marketing campaign will begin and a new application for ndau’s inclusion on CoinMarketCap will be submitted.

  2. Agreed on the new listing on Vinex
    BPC Delegates agreed unanimously advised to move forward with the new listing of ndau on Vinex.Network.

  3. Referendum status
    A referendum process to revalidate the BPC was finalized at the last BPC Delegates Meeting on July 8 and the voting process begins August 1, 2020 and will end on August 15, 2020.  Process details have been published on the BPC website.

  4. New Monetary Policy Working Group
    A paper is being worked on that will outline the proposed new monetary policy and will be published for community review once complete.

  5. Key Policy Documents status
    The members discussed progress.  Updated versions of each document will be reviewed and approved at the next BPC meeting.

  6. Next BPC meeting
    The members agreed to meet every 3 weeks, next meeting scheduled for August 19, 2020 at 2pm Eastern.