Discussion points and notes from the BPC meeting on February 12, 2021 at 10:30am EST.

1) Update on general progress since last meeting
Growth progress continues in 3 areas: Ecosystem Development (price oracle project, wrapped ndau, others), ndau Sales, Exchanges (5 in progress).  New cross-chain partnerships are also being explored.  

2) Discussion on progress of First Policy Proposal referendum
The BPC Referendum on “ndau New Policy Proposal #01” began on Feb 9 and will run until Feb 14.  Results will be posted here on the BPC website on Feb 15.

3) Discussion on Second Policy Proposal
The document ndau New Policy Proposal #02 was presented and passed a BPC principles compliance review.

4) Referendum Scheduling for Proposal #02 assuming compliant
A veto-style referendum (same as the previous Policy Proposal Referendum) will be held for ndau holders to approve or veto the ndau New Policy Proposal #02, beginning 2/15 and ending by 2/21.

5) Next BPC meeting scheduling
March 12 at 10:30am Eastern.